Keep your AC unit working in supreme condition this Summer

The average lifespan of Central/Duct, as well as Split/Ductless Air Conditioner, is somewhere between 15-20 years. Interestingly, most people have their systems face a sudden breakdown or excessive repairs well before the expected time. The primary reason why units fail before the average life expectancy is the way they've been used. Make yourself understand that regular maintenance is the key if you'd like to enjoy the cool blows from your Air Conditioner and want it to work with prime efficiency. In addition to that, there are a few more factors that can help in keeping up the Air Conditioner with optimal performance.


Postponing Repairs? Don't do it!
And here's the most common reason why AC's lose efficiency and have to be replaced before time i.e postponing repairs. Remember that your AC will show small issues before showing bigger issues. For some people, dragging a repair need is synonymous to saving money. The case, however, is totally otherwise. Dragging of repair needs only adds to the repair needs and consequently adds to the bills you'll have to pay later. Instead of putting everything on next day, let an HVAC professional come to fix the problem as early as it is suspected. There are three benefits that you will get by not postponing repair;

1. The issue gets fixed and the problem doesn't get worse
2. You've to pay less for small repairs compared with paying for heavy repairs later
3. Fixing of repairs improves efficiency and consequently adds to the lifetime of appliance

Oh yes, we understand that it's uncomfortable to call professionals, request quotes and schedule visit but nonetheless fixing the issues in time still remains a better option. Take on this trouble of repair to avoid a sudden mishap later.

Yearly Maintenance & Tune-Up
If you keep your units maintained, you'll not have to spend much on tuneup and maintenance through a professional. Most people assume DIY maintenance enough to keep their Air Conditioners in optimal condition, however, we recommend that the need of professional help should not be underestimated. A professional's maintenance visit and a professional's professional tune up can not only fix the possible issues but also add several years to the life of your Air Conditioner and save it from off and on repairs. Therefore, invest in seasonal/yearly maintenance dudes!

Little things matter!
Just like we endorse that you don't make the mistake of postponing repairs, we also emphasise that you don't overlook the importance of little things that you yourself are supposed to do. Those little things include the basics;
1. Cleaning of the AC filters from indoor unit
2. Cleaning the outdoor unit/condenser from dust and debris
3. Using AC settings and Thermostat settings properly
4. Pack units properly when season ends

These little tasks supposed to be done on a regular basis in Summers drastically help improve the efficiency as well as the lifespan of the Air Conditioners. Another important factor that affects the overall performance of the Air Conditioners is the Initial Installation. We say it often to our customers that choosing the wrong people for installation will result in poor performance, excessive repairs and sudden breakdowns. It is, therefore, important to go for professional and reliable installation else no precautionary measures will be of use.

You'd be amazed to know that people who keep regular maintenance in practice, seek professional help when needed and do not compromise on quality, enjoy an efficient performance of their Air Conditioners even after the average lifespan. You must be having in your neighbours, some people who haven't changed their AC in centuries. Feel jealous of them?  Now you don't have to. It's time to make your own AC that will last until the next century. Hmmmm!