Space Heaters Safety Tips

Here we are hearing of its arrival and there it will come in a few weeks. We're talking about Winter, yes! While there are people that are busy with their routines and postponing some important Winter preparation to do's thinking they'll do them tomorrow, there are others that are vigilantly doing the much needed preparatory stuff on a daily basis be it having the heating system inspected, upgrading the old units, brief HVAC cleaning etc. And guess who will be feeling comfortable when the Winter will be at its peak? Of course, the ones that are preparing themselves, their homes and their systems well before the time and those that are postponing things will soon find themselves in troubled waters when a lot of things would be needed to be done in a haste. Prepare yourself and your home for the coming season and only then you'll be able to enjoy it. That's all from our side. A quick piece of advice you understand. Let's now move on to our safety tips.

Space Heaters Safety Tips

Home is synonymous with safety, security and comfort. But the same home can provide you with extreme dangers, unimaginable discomfort and total insecurity if little things and little cares are taken for granted. With special reference to the Space Heaters, it needs to be understood that despite they are small appliances, they have the potential to cause great harms. Whether you use a Space Heater as an additional heating source or as a primary heating source, strictly follow the tips given below:

Space Heater Safety Tips

- Remember the 3 feet rule when it comes to Space Heaters. Keep the heater away from beds, sofas, curtains and other combustible materials     

- There would be a lot of things that are flammable within your room; body sprays, perfumes etc, make sure none of it is anywhere close to the heater  

- Before you turn on the heater, make it a habit of checking the cords carefully. Have them repaired if they are damaged, twisted or frayed

- There are a lot of homeowners that rely on extension cords even when a direct electrical connection can be created. It is safer to not use extension cords for Space Heaters

- Fix the plugs if they are loose or fall out when inserted. The heater needs to be securely plugged else danger remains there

- Call an electrician if the plugging cord or the heater itself feels hot on touch

- Do not place your heater at a place where there are falling risks. Place it in a stable position and on a levelled place

- Space Heaters come with a certification or safety logo. Make sure yours is safe to use at residential level

- Goes without saying but using Space Heater around damp spaces or with a wet body can take you to the hospital, beware!  Dry out

- If you're using any appliance that causes smoke or produces carbon monoxide, install smoke and carbon monoxide detectors. Do the same if you use Space Heaters  

- Most homeowners in order to hide the cords, cover them using rugs, carpets or furniture. Doing so can damage the cords and worse is that you'll not be able to see the damage in time

- Turn the unit off when you are away from home, are in a different room for a long period of time or go to sleep particularly under the effects of medicines

- Just like the size of an appliance matters for other heating and cooling appliances, it matters for Space Heaters too. Install a unit that is compatible with your home's area

- If you've children at home that can be taught, teach them the proper use of the appliance and also the cares that need to be taken

- Do not use the Space Heater with an improper fuel type or it will cause fire

- Places where fuel burning heaters are kept, need to have proper ventilation

Prevention is better than cure they say. Take preventive measures so that you don't have to face any unhappy incidents