It's time to upgrade to a new Thermostat

There are appliances that homeowners think seriously about; their maintenance, their in-time replacement and keeping them tuned-up. But at the same time, there are appliances, that get the least attention while they are the ones that contribute a lot, if not the most, to home comfort. The Thermostat is one such device taken extremely for granted. If you ask homeowners about the age of their Thermostat, it is most probable that you'll either get a response that they don't remember or that they don't have any idea because they didn't install it in the first place, it was pre-installed. So as long as this poor device does not show a sign of sickness or does not completely shut off in protest, most homeowners never give it a damn. But did you know, by doing so, you make a massive compromise to yours and your family's comfort? How do you expect your HVAC system to provide you with optimal efficiency when the device programming it doesn't itself operate with optimal efficiency? A malfunctioning thermostat can lead to repairs, breakdowns, lowering the system's lifetime and most importantly, a compromised efficiency. So it is important to make an upgrade to HVAC Thermostat with as much concern as an upgrade is made for the very HVAC appliances.
Here's when you should consider an upgrade:

- If it's Granny's time manual Thermostat 

Manual Thermostats have provided us with a lot of comforts for many years. But that doesn't suggest sticking to them even when there are better options. Slider, knob or dialers Thermostats were once wonders but now, comparing them to the latest Thermostats, they are only a deal of loss. The older systems are less efficient and less accurate. The latest models can provide with temperature precision with as less as 1 degree of temperature difference.
So if your Thermostat is still that granny time's Thermostat, it is time to look for a better and more efficient model. It is guaranteed that doing so will increase the comfort and decrease the energy bills.

- If it's a non-programmable Thermostat 

A non-programmable Thermostat is the one that you cannot pre-program which in simple words means, high energy bills. When the temperature is not pre-programmed, it is required to change it manually, every time you want to increase or decrease the temperature. So let's suppose, you forget to change the temperature as you leave for the office, the system will keep running for all that time when no one is at home. Or even when you are at home, you'll find yourself in discomfort first and then realise it's time to change the temperature. Unlike that, with Programmable Thermostat, you can set a different temperature for different times and the Thermostat will auto adjust itself as the time comes. This way, your device knows it has to go some degrees up as you are away and knows it has to come down some degrees when you are expected to return home. A programmable system brings comfort and amazing savings. So yes, if the device staring at you from over there is an outdated non-programmable Thermostat, it is your time to upgrade.

- If it's located at the wrong location 

The placement matters a lot when it's about Thermostat. Did you know that a wrong placement of Thermostat; at places where it picks the wrong temperature can keep your indoor at a wrong temperature no matter how efficient your Thermostat is. If your old device is installed at a wrong location and is also old, any HVAC technician would suggest you to install a new one at the right location. And this would be a worth making the investment because a wrongly placed device will only read wrong readings, resulting in wrong temperature setting and causing discomfort as a result. What then is the use of installing a Thermostat in the first place?

If your Thermostat lies in any of the above mentioned ''ifs'', it's time to upgrade to a new device. And if you ask us and your system allows, we would suggest going for a Smart Thermostat.