3 serious problems caused by not changing Air Filters

There are instances when you fall sick or experience a problem at home but are uncertain about the cause. While the problem might be big and irritating, the cause is often something easy to fix. Today, let's us talk about the problems that are caused by not changing the Air Filters regularly.

Air Filters

In case, you aren’t sure what do we mean by Air Filter, read this paragraph before moving on.
As the name suggests, Air Filters are basically Filters that Filter the air and clean it. They are made up of a fibrous material and can remove solid particles like mould, dust, pollen and bacteria etc. Some Filters also combat smoke and odours but they work in combination with other mediums. A simple air filter primarily only traps solid particles. They’re placed on the supply and return vents of the duct system and also sometimes within an appliance as in case of a Furnace.

Air Filter

3 Problems caused by not changing Air Filters

The question almost all HVAC professionals ask when they're contacted for an AC problem by homeowners is whether or not the homeowner changes Air Filters regularly. While Filter changing takes hardly five minutes, a vast majority doesn't care about regularly changing the Filters primarily because they think all an Air Filter does is filtering the air and are unaware of other consequences that a dirty Filter causes. Let us talk about what else a clogged filter has the potential to do other than blowing dusty air towards you.

1. A sudden breakdown! Oh Gosh!

You heard it right. Clogged Air Filters can lead your system towards a sudden breakdown. Since on dirty clogs, the system needs to insert more energy to blow air through, it uses more power and as a result strains the motor more than what it is designed to afford. Motor burns!
And a burned motor is synonymous to purchasing a new Air Conditioning system. An expense of almost $4000-$8000.

2. Comfort turns to discomfort

Why in the first place do you need an Air Conditioner? Because you need to keep yourself comfortable in the indoors! What use is then of an Air Conditioner if it doesn't provide comfort? By not changing Air Filters, you choose to live in discomfort. It is already understood that the system gives off dusty air but more than that, the air it provides is also less cool since clogged filters suffocate the system. Just like when you've your hand clamped over your mouth and it results in shorter breaths, the same happens with your AC system. It receives lesser air through return ducts and has less air to treat. Moreover, restricted air flow causes the refrigerant coil to freeze up and this restricts the airflow even further. As a consequence, you've fatty energy bills but limited cooling.    

3. Unbearable energy bills

The word ''unbearable'' is no exaggeration. Imagine your system running double or even more than required using more and more energy. What else should you expect other than fatty energy bills that would shoot your anger right away? It's not the fault of the electricity company neither are they charging you extra. It is just that you've been too lazy to change/clean the filter that has led to this consequence. Clogged Filters raise bills up to 15%.

Bottom Line

Maintenance takes time be it less or more but the benefits of maintenance are several as well as long term. Not only does maintenance elongate the life of your HVAC system, it also keeps its efficiency maintained and keeps bills limited. Changing of Filter comes under maintenance and as said it takes hardly 5 minutes to change Filters, that too needs to be done only after 3-6 months depending on the level of dust in your home. Therefore, perform regular maintenance and enjoy durability and affordability at one time.