Vent free Fireplace - Potential Dangers

Technology, as the time is passing, is offering us with more and more ease when it comes to routine stuff. Remember the times of creating warmth with woods and then dealing with all that smoke which would emit? Although the crackling sound of wood is such a nostalgia but we indeed feel relieved enough on getting rid of smoke and the mess that the wood or cool had caused. Ours is the time of vent free fireplace. The idea is to burn gases instead of wood or coal. This way the smoke is not produced and the heat caused by the fire remains in the indoor keeping it warm. But it is not as simple as that. While the usual mess and smoke is not produced, the by products of this gas burning produces some other gases which necessitate care and ventilation, after all. And there are clear dangers associated with vent free burning which the homeowners often ignore. Consider the following;

Dangerous by-products

The sulpher dioxide, carbon dioxide and most importantly carbon monoxide are the by-products of gas burning. When there is no venting at all, the only place these places are left with to go is your lungs. Although the manufactures of this technology defend that these vent free units have inbuilt censor to maintain safe levels of these gases, you must still be wise enough to find out that even low levels of these dangerous gases could be lethal. Pregnant women, infants and elderly get more affected. Interestingly, even the vent free product manufacturers themselves suggest homeowners to keep a window open when the unit is in use.

Production of Water Vapors 

Burning as little as 4 hours a day, a vent free product release up to 6 gallons of water in the indoor. Such high level of moisture can damage wood works, walls, other decoration and also promotes the production of mold and mildew.

Distinct odor causing headaches

Burning gases have a distinct odour. Some people find environments of vent free products very challenging since they complain of headache and flu like symptoms.

Stains on walls and soot 

The wood burning fireplaces are often rejected for their disadvantages of leaving black stains on walls. The gas burning appliances are no different. There are many so called vent free units, which cause stains and produce soot.

Not maintenance free either!

Another misinformation common among homeowners regarding vent-free products is that they are almost maintenance free. The truth is, a very careful installation, careful use and very routine maintenance is essential to keep the potential threats of such products minimum. Else, emergency situations and costly repair are the consequence.

Do you still want to use a vent free Fireplace? Okay! Then follow these 

- If you are bent to use a vent free fireplace, do not make it your sole heating source
- Get it installed, maintained by a professional
- Install CO monitors on every floor and regularly change their batteries
- Remember that ceiling fan, candels, drafts and a fully packed house can impact the proper functioning of the vent free products. So yes, keep a window slightly open!