5 simple steps to boost HVAC system efficiency

We are living in the second millennium and technology today has made our lives much easier than the lives of those that have passed before us. So many facilities are just at one click and one-touch and the automatic lifestyle is taking the lead. But it needs to be understood that no matter how automatic the technology and devices become, the influence of human involvement will always be there and it is the use and control of technology by the man himself that will make the difference. Let's take the example of the home comfort heating and cooling appliances. Almost every home in Canada has some kind of HVAC appliance and there are many homes where the systems in use are of advanced level, however, the truth is; only a handful of homeowners are actually making the right and efficient use of the efficient appliances. As a result, a majority is facing the consequences in the form of high energy bills, frequent repairs and sudden unhappy accidents. So you see how human influence matters? We shall discuss today the ways by which you can make the most of your HVAC system. We shall tell you how to increase your home's HVAC efficiency in just 5 simple steps.

Step# 1 Replacing/Cleaning Filters and its influence

So here's something that doesn't take place with an ''auto'' button. Despite having the Smartest Thermostat and the smartest appliances, you will have to do this by yourself. And mind you, Filter cleaning/replacing may seem ordinary, it can put your entire system at risk. Studies say that 9/10 HVAC system failures are caused by dust and debris. Your filter is meant to trap the dust and debris but once its power diminishes by getting dirty itself, you are supposed to give it a power pack by cleaning/replacing. Ever noticed how your system suddenly becomes more efficient and the indoor air more soothing after replacing filters? That's the power of filter cleaning.

Step# 2 Seals are a serious to-do

Homeowners think that small leaks, holes etc won't make much difference and, therefore, leave them as they are. In actual, the smaller the leak, the greater the air leak would be as the air will exit with higher velocity from there (that's what science tells us). So what happens as a result is that we keep wondering why the Furnace/Air Conditioner isn't working as efficiently as it was working the last year. Sealing leaks & holes is a serious to do. Take into account the doors and windows where there are possibilities of air leaks or where there are visible air leaks and seal them right away. You'll notice the difference in your system's efficiency soon after that.

Step# 3 Don't postpone repairs!

Here's what 7/10 homeowners do; they postpone repairs as long as their system is running by hook or by crook. Apparently, this appears to be a money saving practice, in actuality, it is a money wasting practice. When repairs are not taken seriously, not only the system ceases to operate with optimal efficiency, it also aggravates the situation even more that then leads to further damages to other parts of the system. So, First thing first. Call a pro!

Step# 4 Become smart - Install smart appliances 

There is no denying the fact that smart appliances are a wonderful way to increase efficiency and decrease energy bills. So if you can afford or can manage to make savings for purchasing smart appliances or at least a Smart Thermostat, it would be an investment worth making and worth returning in terms of ROI.

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Step# 5 Revive your belief in professionalism

Professionals are professionals and no matter how efficient you are in HVAC service on your own, a professional's work will always speak for itself. So revive your belief in professionalism and call a professional for the annual checkup of your HVAC system. This will ensure the following things for sure;

- Any serious repair needs would be diagnosed in time

- With a detailed check-up, the system will revive its efficiency and will work will optimal performance

- The lifetime of the system will increase

- An increased efficiency will decrease the energy bills

You see, there are simple steps that can help you improve the HVAC efficiency of your system but did you observe what has actually been said above? That your contribution matters no matter how efficient the system is. Become concerned about your system from today.

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IAQ dropping in Winter? Try these tips

There's no denying the fact that Winter is a wonderful season but along with its wonderfulness, it also causes some other consequences that are irritating, annoying and unhealthy. We're not talking about the typical cold and cough. We are concerned today about the level of indoor quality that drops in Winters due to several reasons the most common of which are:
- Constant running of heating elements like; Furnaces, Fireplace, Space Heaters etc that produce residual gases or make the air drier

- Improper or irregular cleaning is another reason that contributes to lowering the IAQ in Winter. Due to cold weather, people get lazy and become less regular about cleaning. The dust keeps circulating in the indoor and make the IAQ unhealthy

- Insulation and ventilation go hand in hand. You should not lower the quality of air in the pursuit of keeping the indoor warm. As tight insulation is made and there's no proper ventilation system, no fresh air get in the house. And the air that continues to circulate in the indoor eventually becomes extremely unhealthy with lots of bacteria and contaminants in it.

How to maintain a healthy IAQ in Winters?
So now the question is, how to maintain a healthy indoor air in Winters? There are some tips that we want you to consider seriously:

1. First and foremost: Do not make unnecessary use of heating appliances. There are days in Winter when the temperature is bearable and thus the heating appliances can either be turned off or used in a limit. If you have a hard time keeping a check, install a Smart Thermostat and it will do the job for you. Remember that it is not only about bills. You could be the person who can afford hefty bills easily and thus doesn't care about usage but the unnecessary usage will spoil your IAQ and that’s what you don’t want no matter how rich you are

2. Get some natural heat. Let your body generate heat for you. Get up! Do your work and perform the cleaning job if you don't want to breathe unhealthy air. This will do 3 benefits at a time
You will get a warm blow by working
Your home will be clean
Your IAQ will improve

- We just talked about that balance between ventilation and insulation. If your home is tightly insulated, you'll have to go a step ahead to make sure your home gets proper ventilation.
Either install a heat recovery ventilation system or follow this:
  • Open doors and windows partially in the daytime when there's sun to let fresh air in
  • Use a portable air cleaner if installing a Whole Home Air Cleaner unit isn't economical or impossible for whatever reasons
  • Keep indoor plants to do the air cleaning for you

- Make sure you replace filters regularly else the indoor air will start to have plethora of contaminants

- Low humidity also contributes to making the IAQ bad. As the humidity is low, the bacteria, viruses and other contaminants keep floating in the air. Maintaining a desirable humidity using a quality Humidifier keeps these consequences away
- Don't bring dry cleaned clothes inside the house without first letting them in sun or open air as dry cleaning produces chemicals that can be unhealthy when directly brought in the indoors

- Don't plan wall paint, furniture replacement etc in Winter. It becomes difficult to diffuse the effects of chemicals

Following the above mentioned tips you can manage to enjoy a good IAQ even in Winters. Have any questions? Connect anytime: 1-855-245-4328