Heating your hot water and your house usually accounts for huge portion of your energy consumption. Following are some of the guidelines to help you save energy dollar:

1.       Minimize heat loss

You can minimize heat loss by sealing cracks with weather stripping or caulking.  It is very common in winter that windows can lose a lot of heat.
2     Reduce your minutes
Be average shower time is about 8 minutes.  Reducing you shower time by one or two minutes can make a great difference.
3     Do some simple upgrades
Installing energy efficient shower heads can save you lot of energy.  New energy efficient shower heads are very easy to install.
4     Use cold water to wash
When doing laundry use cold water. It can save energy significantly.    In short,  switching to cold water  can make a big difference in your energy bill.
5     Repair your leaky taps
If taps are leaking it can waste a lot of water.  So fix them and save money.
6    Fire place damper be closed when not in used
This can prevent cold air coming down the flue and warm air escaping out of it. So make sure when wood burning fire place is not in use keep the damper closed.

7    When installing a natural gas fire place
Chose energy efficient natural gas fireplace.  It  can save you money.

8    Remove obstructions 
      Remover any obstructions, which can block air returns and vents.  It can reduce the efficiency of your furnace by reducing the air flow.
9    Turn your thermostat down
During the daytime set your thermoset at 20 Degree Celsius or 68 degree Fahrenheit.   At night 17 degree Celsius or 62.6 degree Fahrenheit.

10  Lower your water heater temperature
      The temperature for showers and  washing  can be 54 degree Celsius or 129.2 degree Fahrenheit.  This is hot enough and reduces the risk of scalding.
11   Up grade to tank less
Installing energy efficient tank less water heater can save considerable amount of energy.  I only heats water when you need it, which is great.

12  Seal Cracks outside of your home
      Sealing cracks outside of your home can make a huge difference in your energy consumption.
13   Oven baking
      You can turn off you oven few minutes early before the cooking time is over. The remaining heat in the oven can finish the job.
14   Furnace filter
When the filter is dirty furnace is forced to work harder.  It the Filter is not permanent one it should be replaced every three months.  This will reduce restriction in the airflow.

15   Fully loaded dishwasher

Run your dishwasher fully loaded and make sure use the energy saver cycle if it has that function.  

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