Christmas is near and so is the time when the winter will go high on the swing of extreme cold. No party, no get together and no other indoor enjoyment will provide with ultimate joy unless there is comfort and comfort cannot be felt when the HVAC system is operating inefficiently. In order to keep all things all right, it is crucial to prepare yourself and your HVAC system well before the extreme cold blows start blowing. Below is a checklist that will help you prepare your HVAC system to provide you with ultimate warmth for the entire winter.

First and foremost - Filters 

Before you start inspecting any other component for issues, make sure you're done with cleaning the Air Filters. Whether or not any other component has developed a problem, the filters have certainly accumulated a lot of dirt. If the system is turned on with the same clogged filters, the accumulated dust will not only spread in the home but will also go and stick to other components of the system. So change/clean the filters before doing anything else.

Give a quick check to ductwork 

The ductwork is supposed to provide you with warm air throughout winter. For this, the ductwork has to have a clear pathway and in addition to that, NO LEAKS AND HOLES. Quickly inspects your ductwork first to check if it needs cleaning. Later, inspect the ductwork for any leaks. A leaking ductwork can raise energy bills up to 15%.

Clean the heat exchanger 

The accumulation of dirt on the heat exchanger can affect the heating efficiency. Clean the heat exchanger properly in order to maintain excellent heating levels.

Check fuel level 

If you're using oil-fired or Propane Furnace, fill the fuel up to the mark.

Change Thermostat batteries

Although the Thermostat remains in use almost throughout the year, it is still recommended to check batteries at the beginning of the winter season. A faulty thermostat can put you in irritating situations like system shut off, constant tripping or hot & cold spots. Change the batteries in time to avoid any such circumstances.

Clear supply and return registers 

The supply and return registers need to be cleared of any hindrances. If you had placed sofas or carpets on supply/return registers, remove them and clear all registers for a smooth flow of air.

Check exhaust vents 

Blockage in the exhaust vents can result in devastating situations. While you check and clean other components, make sure the exhaust vents are also clear of any blockage.

Check CO batteries 

Did you know that homeowners suffer from CO poisoning even after having a CO detector installed? That happens when they install the detector but don't change the batteries. If you have a CO detector installed, you have an addition in your checklist; change the batteries.

While all of these maintenances to do's are those that individuals can perform on their own, it is always suggested that a professional maintenance from a licensed HVAC technician is also taken.

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