You have to find a moderate way, to cop up with the freezing winters. Here we acquaint you with the easiest ways that help you to feel warmer at home, without frequently tuning the Thermostat. We witness the thermostat war that begins in our home right after when the winter comes. Let's try to warm our place without blasting the heat – seems weird but not unattainable. Fortunately, there are some methods that can be employed to keep the electricity bill down and stay warm simultaneously.

Plastic insulation in windows and doors

The cool air is often felt through doors and windows. There is one easy fix for the people who want to prevent that cool air. Get the plastic insulation or weatherstrip foam tape for both windows and doors – which is nearly invisible. It is an easy and economical option, where you don’t have to change the curtains, just do it with the help of scissors and some plastic insulation.

Roof insulation:

Does your electricity bill go sky high? Invest some bucks in insulating the attic which preserves 25% of heat and makes the place warm without touching the thermostat. Loft insulation is worth considering as it can last up to 40 years. Get it done by an expert and make sure the party walls or chimneys are insulated, otherwise, your effort will be wasted.

Service the Furnace every year:

A question which often bewilders us is whether we should service the furnace every year or not? The answer is yes! This helps to keep your Furnace efficient and to identify the issues before it is too late. You must service it - a regularly maintained furnace can warm the place more effectively, and most of all it can lower the utility bill up to 40%.

Clockwise direction of a ceiling fan:

In summers, the direction of a ceiling fan is counter-clockwise that pushes the cool air downward which in results cools the entire room. On the contrary, the reversal of a ceiling fan direction can push the warm air, stuck around the ceiling downwards. To execute the trick effectively, set a fan at low speed. It is certainly a convenient way to warm the place and even turn a Thermostat down a degree.

Warm and cosy floor clothing

In order to reap the warmth, spread a furry and cozy carpet/mat in your living area. Laminate or hardwood flooring will never make anyone cozy because it can’t preserve the heat in our hands or feet. We feel cold and this ultimately leads us to turn the Thermostat down. Therefore, having those fluffy rugs can bring in a strong foundation, and keep us warm without touching the Thermostat.

5 Quick tips to stay warm:

1.       Drinking warm beverages
2.       Snuggle with spouse, kids, or pets to share body heat.
3.       The warm feet have a tendency to keep the whole body warm. Therefore, prefer wearing slippers and thicker socks all the time at home.
4.       To preserve the body heat, wear merino wool, which is non-scratchy and comfortable to wear.
5.       Play games or find ways to keep yourself moving. Doing something active can generate more heat and you feel less cold.

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