We have become so habitual to look up the prices online and that made developers design hundreds of apps dedicated to assisting us to compare prices and spec online before buying. The Internet is a blessing for people since it offers a wealth of knowledge and high transparency in pricing. Therefore, it is the second nature of homeowners to find the items online so they can get better and cheaper HVAC items. Below we explain why we don't recommend purchasing HVAC equipment and parts online.

The installation will always be smoother when it involves guaranteed parts certified by the distributor and a qualified installer that you can trust on.

It is difficult to find the right part for the job:

You may find the expensive replacements parts that your technician suggests in a fraction of amount on eBay and Amazon. Most of the companies do not prefer customers supplied items since every item which apparently looks similar won’t be compatible with your appliances. Generally, on the internet, the technical equipment will be either mislabeled or miscategorized to win a sale. 

Warranties are not trustable:

A new Furnace or Air Conditioner is a major financial investment for homeowners and in protecting that investment, warranties play a crucial role. Many resellers in the online market are non-certified distributors and do not honour any trustable warranties for HVAC parts and equipment. Besides this, “consumer - sourced parts” that are not covered by the manufacturer's warranty, can void your existing equipment warranty. Therefore, it is good for you to not take any risk.

Little to no resource for defective parts:

Unfortunately, consumers who buy parts over the internet may not have the eye for technical abnormalities. Moreover, if the equipment turns out to be defective, consumers who source parts from resellers have little or no recourse. Even in a best possible scenario (the seller provides a replacement at no cost), the consumer still pays more than twice the normal service cost: once for the initial installation, once again for the removal of the defective equipment and a final appointment for the replacement equipment installation.

You can Save hard-earned money in another way:

It is understandable that homeowners would consider purchasing their own equipment and parts for HVAC and can hire someone to install it. Purchasing online equipment, however, is not the right way to save. Instead, use that internet browser to search for heating and cooling equipment rebates in Ontario and other provinces of Canada  – including the IESO's Save on Energy rebates and manufacturer rebates through trusted names such as Lennox.

Cheaper Equipment Can cost Unexpected failures:

There is probably a reason for our inclination towards online purchasing - an expensive item is suddenly available for cheap, then how we can resist buying!  Although there are several exemptions for HVAC parts and equipment.
The equipment could have been opened previously.
The equipment could be falsified and lack the original manufacturer's minimum quality and safety standards. Such equipment can cause sudden appliance failures.

Have you ever purchase an HVAC spare part online? How was your experience and how durable it was?

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