The top priority of every homeowner is to keep their family warm during the winter. That is an excellent idea except for one drawback: humidity. The more heated the air, the lesser water vapors it possesses. That’s why homeowners feel much comfortable in a place, which is warmer and falls under the 45-50% the ideal humidity range.

A Furnace strips the moisture out of the air while heating your room or maintaining an ideal temperature. That makes the air drier, and you will be more likely to catch the illness. Humidity is undoubtedly the most crucial factor in determining the health and comfort of your home, and installing a humidifier offers countless advantages in winter. Apart from improving the comfort level, whole house humidifier helps to protect the health of you and your family. 

Difference between full house humidifier and a single room humidifier

  1. In the whole-house humidifier, water comes from the main water supply. And you are supposed to change the water panel twice in the course of the heating seasons. They are directly linked to your HVAC system and cost you less to humidify the entire place.
  2. When it comes to purchasing and installing, single room humidifier costs you way less than a whole house humidifier. However, they require a high level of maintenance to keep the optimum level of humidity and to avoid container from bacteria and mold.
  3. You are required to change the water within humidifier daily. Moreover, single room humidifier does need deep cleaning and are not as efficient as the whole house humidifiers.

Benefits of whole house humidification

Let’s dive into learning the top benefits of full house humidifier in terms of reduced cost, high efficiency along with other great health benefits.

Health benefits:

Humidifiers have a high tendency to improve the health of you and your family in winter. Having a whole house humidifier installed, will not let your body dry out, which means there are reduced chances for irritated/itchy skin and cracked lips. Moreover, cold, flu, and other respiratory and allergic diseases are less likely to catch you. You can enjoy better sleep since you are not being woken up with coughing, flu, and scratchy throat.

Protects wood furnishing:

The beautiful wood furniture that is of your parent or grandparents and holds a special memory in your heart is more likely to be damaged if there is no sufficient humidity.
When the right level of humidity is not maintained, wooden floors and antique furniture can’t stay the same as low humidity dries out or even split the wood.

Static electricity:

The static electricity prevails much when the air is dry. You may have experienced static shocks in drier or warmers seasons. A humidifier has the potential to eradicate the nuisance like hair strands on end and other risks.

Creates warmth:

The humidity that is unbearable in the summer becomes very beneficial in the winter. It not only makes you feel warmer but also keeps your furnace energy efficient because when there is more moisture in the air, the more heat can be stored.

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