Choosing an HVAC contractor could be challenging, especially when a homeowner is doing it for the first time or has shifted to a place where he doesn't know much about the local contractors. And while it might seem a not so big deal, it is, because it is ending up with the right contractor that your appliance's right installation, its efficiency, and its warranty is dependant on but above all your wallet. All too often, homeowners hook themselves with the wrong kind of contractors resulting in them wasting thousands of dollars on HVAC related things annually. It is, therefore that wise persons are concerned about who they are choosing and research thoroughly before shaking hands with a contractor.
Below we share 5 hacks to ensure that the contractor you end up is a reliable contractor.

1. Don't trust phone quotes

Reliable contractors act reliably. If on the first interaction, a contractor gives a quote only by listening to the problem without first giving a in-house visit, don't trust. Such phone quotes are often given by people who are more interested in money than in getting your issue resolved. Also, certified and professional contractors find it a must to inspect the unit as well as a the situation and prefer to give in house quotes.

2. Your contractor is suggesting the same replacement model? Beware!

HVAC appliances like Furnaces and Air Conditioners expire after a long duration of 10 to 15 years and sometimes even more. During this time, a series of new models are launched which people upgrade according to their needs. If your contractor is suggesting you to replace the existing model with the same model, he is not being honest with you and most probably is trying only to rid himself of the old models which he has at his showroom. If he doesn't begin honestly, what would he do later? Time to look for some other nearby contractor.

3. Ensure the contractor is licensed

You will make a seriously bad deal if you choose an unlicensed contractor. The first thing, in this case, will be the voiding of HVAC warranty. Issues like faulty installation, overcharging, etc may as well arise. Licenced contractors have their licences displayed on their websites, social media pages or mention of them on their business cards.

4. Avoid one-brand contractors

These contractors want to make the most sales of the brand they are a dealer of. For example, a York dealer will not mention the latest Lennox models to you even if they are better, cheaper and more efficient. In this case, contractors intentionally make you choose not the best model. Hence recommended that when choosing a contractor, avoid those who are dealers of one particular brand.

5. Low-bidders are mostly the wrong people

Practically speaking, a company who has to pay salaries to its technicians, has to keep up with routine expenses and run the company, cannot afford to bid very low on the maintenance, tune-up, repair or installation costs. To keep up the quality, they have to charge for it. And here comes another sign; if the contractor is bidding very low and doing so very happily, he is either not licenced or at least not experienced enough. Pay for reliable and licenced services even if they are a little costlier. This will save you the pain later.

Have you ever had a bad experience with a trapper contractor? Were you able to identify him in time? If not, how did you get out of the mess?

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