There's no denying the fact that the major heating and cooling comfort that you enjoy at home comes from your Air Conditioner, Furnace and Heat Pumps but did you ever realise that there are other HVAC components too that adds to this comfort? They are the HVAC add-on components. While you keep care of your major heating and cooling appliances i.e AC, Furnace, Heat Pumps, do not forget that these components need maintenance as well. Let's guide you regarding the maintenance of those components. So what to begin with? Humidifier? Alright!


Humidifier Maintenance Tips

Ever faced a situation when the air was so dry that it almost stuck in your throat every time you breathed it. This happens when there's a very low level of moisture in the air but thanks to Humidifiers for making our indoor environment perfectly well for breathing and saving us from such uneasy breathing. While they take a lot of care of us, how about taking some care of them? Well, your Humidifiers won't ask anything exceptional from you. Just a little cleaning and checkup that everything in them is all set.

Whole-home humidifiers are what most of the Canadian residents prefer to use. These humidifiers are mounted with the ductwork and fed with water. In order to do some DIY maintenance with the Humidifier, do the following:

1. There's a distribution manifold at the very top of the Humidifier. Periodically clean it.

2. Once you're done with the manifold cleaning, move your attention to the evaporator pad. Take a 1:3 water-vinegar solution and clean the pad carefully. Over time, minerals get deposited on the pad. In case they're hardened, replace the pad. It is recommended by HVAC professionals to replace the evaporator pad at least once a year.

3. Maintenance isn't over yet. The Humidistat remains. The user manuals of the Humidifiers have clear directions regarding the Humidistat reading and how to make sure it is functioning properly. Make use of the manual and you're done with one add-on's maintenance.

Air Ventilator Maintenance Tips

While it is sometimes difficult to maintain some home comfort appliance, it is easy often times to keep them maintained. When it comes to Air Ventilator, it is an easy job so relax.

1. Air filter cleaning is the most crucial cleaning for the Air Ventilator. Use a vacuum pump to clean the filter or replace it, rinse it with soapy water and place it back. It's clean, one ''to do'' is done.

2. Check the exhaust and intake vents. There should be no obstruction of any type at the intake and exhaust vents else it affects the efficiency.

3. Lastly, give a quick check to the fan blades and clean them with a soft brush carefully if they're accumulated with dust and debris.

Air Cleaner Maintenance Tips

Just like an Air Ventilator's most important maintenance is by cleaning its air filter, the same is true for Air Cleaners.
1. Take the Air Cleaner Filter out and examine it for any clogs and accumulated dust. If you haven't cleaned or replaced it in a long while, there must be a lot of dust. Clean it or replace it.
2. Check the electrical connections and try to locate any wire damages or connection issues

Bottom Line

Done with all the maintenance check? Great! But before you leave, here's a piece of advice for you:

It is good that you can perform maintenance tasks on your own and make lots of savings. That shows you're hardworking and talented. But once you're doing the maintenance or repair, keep this thing always at the back of your mind that there are certain things that only the professionals can do. So, whenever, you're stuck during maintenance or repair, do not keep a hard hand with your appliance, call a professional instead.

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