One of the most common problems that homeowners face during Summers is insufficient cooling. On extreme hot Summer days, the reason of insufficient cooling is the outside temperature that affects the cooling while on other days there could be other reasons like the dirty filters, the problematic compressor or the leaking refrigerant contributing to the lack of cooling. However, it needs to be understood that Air Conditioner giving insufficient cooling and Air Conditioner blowing hot air are two different things with different reasons and different solutions. Let us explore when does the Air Conditioner blow hot air and how to fix it.

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Reason 1: Disturbed Thermostat

The Thermostat technology is advancing with every passing year. Touch Screen Thermostats took the place of Mercury Thermostat and then that place was taken by the Smart Wifi Thermostats. Although the upcoming new models of Thermostats are more energy saving and more advance, it is unfortunate that more than many homeowners fail to make the most of them by not using them properly. Air Conditioner begins blowing hot air when the Thermostat is set from cool to heat or from auto to ON. By changing the setting to ON, the fan is asked to operate continuously. And when this happens, the AC fan keeps blowing air even when the system isn't working. This way, the air coming from the supply ducts would feel warm since it hasn't been conditioned.  

Reason 2: Insufficient air flow

Restricted air flow which is mostly caused by dirty filters is another reason of why the Air Conditioner blows hot air. The simple fix to this issue is cleaning the Filter, however, if the problem persists, it is recommended to contact a reliable technician.

Reason 3: Electrical Issues

The electrical issues could also be the reason of hot air supplied by the Air Conditioner. As a result of a fuse or a tripped circuit breaker, the electrical supply to the outdoor unit gets disconnected and it stops working. In this case, it is suggested to call a professional to fix the electrical issues.

Reason 4: Refrigerant Leaks

Refrigerant used as a liquid or gas in the Air Conditioners as a refrigerating medium often gets leaked through the refrigerant lines and give way to the reduced efficiency of AC since the system fails to cool the air and thus begins to blow warm air in the indoors. Refrigerant leaks need a leak repair before the refrigerant is refilled. If a hissing sound is heard from the compressor or the refrigerant lines have ice around them, it is an indication that the refrigerant is leaking. Once suspected, call on a professional asap.     

Reason 5: Dirty Condenser
Condenser needs a sufficient space around it for it to operate properly. While you might give it that space at the time of installation, it is probable that the accommodation is taken by dirt, grass, weeds, plants and bushes that had grown around it. When this happens, the compressor unit can't breathe well which simply means an airflow restriction has been created. This restriction causes warm air to be blown inside.

Reason 6: Condenser problems
In addition to a dirty condenser, there are other Condenser issues that cause the Air Conditioner to blow warm air. For example, electrical issues as said above, overheating,  refrigerant leaks and loose compressor parts etc. All these problems result in either partially affecting the operation of the Air Conditioner or completely affecting it. If not fixed in time, the compressor issues may also lead to complete Air Conditioner break down.

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