The summer season has arrived, and so do the grueling heat. We are currently in the height of summer where the sun is beating down, and mercury has soared into the red. We can’t even think to compromise or deal with any problem that can turn into an expensive breakdown of our air conditioner or result in unbearable indoor temperature.

To have uninterrupted and best cooling for your home keep these hacks in mind that increase the efficiency and extend the life span of a heating and cooling system.

AC maintenance and home cooling Tips:

A well-maintained AC unit works way more effectively to cool the place and cost you less money to run. You can perform the following DIY maintenance on AC to avoid any unpleasant experience or emergency breakdown.

Optimize the thermostat setting:

Homeowners should frequently check the thermostat to make sure it is working fine. Increase the temperature for times in a day when there is no one in the home. As it can reduce the energy bill and eventually your hard-earned money.

Tip: Having a mechanical or old thermostat? Consider upgrading to a smart or programmable model.

Clean and Replace Air filters:

The debris in the air filter can reduce the airflow, making AC to work harder than usual. Therefore, cleaning or replacing air filter is regarded as the essential Ac maintenance chores.

In summers, it is advised to clean air filters every month or replace it in case you do not have the reusable filters.

Inspecting wiring and components:

Before turning on an air conditioner, ALWAYS make sure to disconnect the power to the unit. In the next step, ensure the access panels are removed and see if there are any signs of overheating.
The electrical connection needs to be strong and firm that you can check by test meter.

Clean the coils:

Coils should be timely cleaned as dust keeps on accumulating and interfere with the functional operation of the coils.
Clean coils reduce the bill while dirty coils consume more than 37% energy. 

Checking the condensation line:

Condensation drain can quickly be clogged and decrease the overall speed of draining. In case a heavy condensation line is developed, avail the professional assistance from the HVAC professional.

What Does an HVAC professional do to make air conditioner ready for summer?

It is recommended to get expert HVAC maintenance for the improved performance and cool summer. A professional HVAC technician performs the following steps to keep your air conditioner all set for the scorching summer:

- Checking thermostat wiring

- Inspecting home ducting and ventilation

- Taking the reading of defrost cycle

- A thorough inspection of the indoor coil and condenser coil.

- Making sure the belt tension and blower motor function are working accurately

- Making sure the condensation pump is working alright

- Electrical components, contactor connection, system wiring, and electrical connection are placed and functioned correctly.

- HVAC professional ensures the air is entering through the outdoor coil and measure the temperature of the air to reconfirm that it falls within the manufacturer's chart values.

The next time you feel receiving a compromised Air Conditioner efficiency, consider these to do's. 

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