Whether your house comprises of one Air Conditioner or more, maintenance is required. Without it, you’ll end up spending too much money on repairing and the other services to be done by professionals. For maintenance, following steps should be followed with regards to Air Conditioners.

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Clean the exterior condenser
This gets blocked by debris, dirt and other pollutants. For cleaning, remember to turn off the power. Using a vacuum with a soft bristled brush, clean out the exterior part of the condenser. Lift the lid and take out the fan, clean off dirt from there. After precise and careful cleaning, make sure you place the fan back in the unit and set the wires properly. Check the thermostat. Voila! the first step has been done.

Clean the interior Air Conditioning condenser
Do this by first turning off the power, removing the furnace filter and changing it if necessary. Open the panel to expose the blower compartment, gently blow away any debris. Locate the condensation drain tube and gently disconnect it. To prevent algae growth, you can either replace the tube or clean it using a bleach and water solution of a 1:16 ratio. Pour the solution through the tube. Clean the drain port, reconnect the drain tube, and turn the power back on.

Clean return air vents
Use a vacuum to suck off loose debris. Clean the tight areas by using a rag over a butter knife.

Clean Floor registers
For this purpose, unscrew and remove the vent. Since this area is on the floor, pet hair, too much dirt and other pollutants can easily get stuck in there so try using soapy water to clean the area. Leave it for half an hour or so until it dries up to screw the vent back again.

Clean the air-conditioner unit
Initially, for this, turn off the power. Clean the fins using a small and soft bristled brush. This is a very sensitive work as the fins can bend easily and break off. Be gentle in cleaning them. Remove any yard waste such as vegetation growing around the unit to prevent airflow problems.

Change your air filter
The air filter needs to be changed every 30-90 days for optimal performance.  This includes the following:
Locate the filter compartment around your furnace: The filter compartment is usually covered with metals strip.
Install the new air filter in the proper direction: Note the direction of airflow that is marked on the edges of the old filter. To avoid installing filters in the wrong direction, mark the metal strip with a permanent marker that covers the filter compartment.

Keep pests out
When critters get into your home’s HVAC system, they can cause great damage. Their presence and leftovers have a great negative impact on the indoor quality. Indoor air quality issue includes odour of the dead pests and other pollutants left behind in your HVAC system. The odours will move around your home as conditioned air circulates around the duct system. The use of pesticides for pests affects the quality of air inside your home because of the chemicals present in them. To keep the pests and odours out, following measures should be taken:

  • Seal your ducts; gaps, crack and larger disconnections in the system that create a point of access to enter HVAC or your home.
  • Install flue and vent covers; vent covers should be installed on all exterior flues, intakes and exhaust vents.
  • Protect your air-conditioning condenser; Keep the area surrounding your condenser clear by cleaning around it on a regular basis.

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